brown + gold

swing me round;
we’d have played ball.
hold me up so i won’t fall.
i guess that’s not really my call
cuz i already have.

blue and green and brown and gold
oh ye who are one year more old
this air doesn’t seem quite so cold
when you are holding my hand




maybe one day i will have a blog

it will be called here is where i live
and will document the travels we’ll have when we,
friend of my life,
stand on stages and play songs about
your memories
and my dreams

it will be called sepia and other colors
and the posts will be photos, pictures of my life
pictures in colors that did not happen
because it looks better that way

glitter in the dust
therefore, this
maybe one day i will have a blog

or the colors that did..
light blue
red gold
it is the sky and the strands of red that,
are shown the top of the world

and in the sun they are red gold