color – poem

we are fascinated with sunsets.

today i was helping him study poems, for a test, for a class, that is tomorrow…
and we read one (i forgot who it is by) called expostulations and response,
or something like that.
& in the poem the friend told the writer – get up! and stop dreaming. pick up your books and leave this rock and solitude
and the writer says listen…
be up, up, and listen to these birds
because i will learn more from just sitting here than i ever will from a wise man or the words of us

it’s snowy here
here where i live
when i walk home at night it’s often falling but
even when it’s not,
it glitters.
around me,
glitter. glitter in snow, glitter is snow
and i am amazed
(then) wonder!
why am i amazed that this snow looks so similar to something we have in life,
used in our craft projects, spilled on our nails,
when all the time, the snow was there first? it’s always been glittering
our crafts are the imitators of the real thing
that falls from the sky

so sunsets
color! colors.
left in the sky
to drift away as we wait for night
we are fascinated by color that comes every night of our lives
that we don’t always get to see
but that we could never replicate

(the poem: i looked it up. it is called expostulation and reply, by william wordsworth)



maybe one day i will have a blog

it will be called here is where i live
and will document the travels we’ll have when we,
friend of my life,
stand on stages and play songs about
your memories
and my dreams

it will be called sepia and other colors
and the posts will be photos, pictures of my life
pictures in colors that did not happen
because it looks better that way

glitter in the dust
therefore, this
maybe one day i will have a blog

or the colors that did..
light blue
red gold
it is the sky and the strands of red that,
are shown the top of the world

and in the sun they are red gold