those nights

(When a moment makes you think of all these other memories that you remember you kind of miss)

There were these nights
when it was warm
and we ran
and it was like those days when
you were little, except you
lived there.
We came out and we played –
what did we play?
Sardines and ghosts in
the graveyard, or something.
Sidewalks and ponds,
dirty feet in the darkness
until we trekked back home,
to our dorms.

I get asked sometimes if I’m in school.
Sometimes high school,
sometimes college
but it’s been more than four
And sometimes, I miss things.

Little things, big things.
I didn’t notice I missed this.

Today my friend asked if I
wanted to walk.
She’s housesitting,
so we’re sort of neighbors right now,
and we walked around,
past houses,
on streets,
till it got dark.
And when it was time to go
(much earlier than those other days, because jobs),
we trekked back to our houses in the dark.

Sidewalks and tennis shoes.

No ponds,
but streetlights
on this warm night
that felt like one of those nights.


[I actually wrote this a while ago and am just now posting it! It’s not so warm anymore, but was when I wrote it. 🙂 ]



it is a meeting of three roads, she said
it is like that play we’ve read
that is a classic
but that i didn’t like

she was showing me the road
she takes to school, the road she drives every day
a piece of her life
of her every day
the early mornings, when it is still dark and i am still asleep
& she goes
goes to a job she is learning about
so in a few months, dear friend, when you are married & have your house
you will teach

& there will be a different road,
a different way
that i may never get to drive with her

& today
as i told her about the every day i took this summer
that these roads
to us

like the three roads that meet together
like the crossing places i read about,
read about in a book
that i very much