walk // fire // ice

It was cold today
(as it has been)

a bunch of us walked around,
stopping by fires a few times
but mostly
stopping by ice

beforehand, at my house, my friend told me
she might move away
pretty far, to a place that sounds pretty beautiful to me
i said that i would visit her
she said something about being a little worried
like, what if part of God’s plan for her is here
and if she moves away she’ll miss it?

and i said something about how He knows
His plan for her
and that she should pray about it, of course,
and do what she thinks is right
but that He knows, He knows His plans for her
and He will work it out

then we went to dinner
and walking around in the cold
in that beautiful group of
stopping by mounds of ice,
cut and chiseled and fired into
something new

and afterwards, back at home, i heard that another person – the second one this week! –
is doing a thing that i have been thinking – dreaming? – about doing

is it so easy for them? am i behind?

what if they become so successful and i … do not?

but He knows doesn’t He?

the plans, the dreams, He knows what we need.

i told my friend not to worry, that He will work it out.
so i will try to trust that for myself.
friends, trust that for yourself.

He knows, He knows,
dreams, hopes, our future adventures.
and that sometimes we just need
to go to dinner
in a beautiful group
to laugh
to walk
to look at ice





    1. Hey! Thank you so much! They are all inspired by moments from my life. It starts with a thought or an event, or just something that happened that inspired or excited me or made me think. Thanks for reading; can’t wait to check out your blog πŸ™‚

      1. That’s so neat! I love poetry but have trouble getting inspired. Usually I stray towards more behavioral science-y writing. I’ll have to practice more πŸ™‚ and thank you!

    1. Additionally, I like the style of your poetry. Your poem comes full circle as you begin and end with your interactions with ice. I especially loved your last sentence as it made me think; it is true, sometimes we need to look at the “ice” in our lives in a introspective manner. Things that might be cold or raw in the present can be thawed by accepting them, then warming them to transform them into something beautiful.

      1. Wow, thanks so much! I love hearing what people see in these poems; sometimes, like now, it is things I didn’t even think of! Thanks for the extra inspiration! πŸ™‚

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